Wumpin - Hunter

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Wumpin - Hunter

Post by Wumpin » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:16 pm

1. Character name: Wumpin

2. Race and class: Dwarf Hunter

3. Main Spec: 5/31/15 Marks

4. Number of days played on your current main: 20 days

5. Please write a short statement indicating how you play your class include relevant rotations and priorities, and explaining talent choices. This is not to teach us to play your class but to show us you know how to play:

I open with autoshot immediately followed by aimed shot with an autoshot timer mod. Rotations are 9 seconds prioritizing aimed shot with a multishot in each rotation as soon as and whenever possible. This would be the ideal rotation for any decent weapon with a speed of 2.9 or faster.

I play a standard Marksmanship build that maximizes raid DPS while still being viable in PvP.

Personal Information: [Optional]

6. Age: Old enough to have played Vanilla since launch.

7. Location: Utah

8. Tell us a little about yourself: I am the operations manager at a call center in charge of 130 employees. I'm a married father of 2 boys. I love playing and watching sports and mostly basketball and football. My teams are the Raiders, Jazz, and BYU.

Guild History:

9. Previous Guild(s): The only other guild I've been in on Elysium was a leveling guild who's leaders stopped playing. I can't remember the name but Hasselhoff might!

10. Reason for leaving your previous Guild: Leveling guild that fell apart.

You and <SECURITY>

11. Do you know anyone in SECURITY?: I've been in Security awhile now and I know many of you.

12. Why do you want to join the SECURITY Core Raid Team?: End game is the funnest part of Vanilla WoW. Raiding for PvP epics is so fun and rewarding.

13. Have you read, and do you agree with Core Applicant Rules: Yes

14. How did you hear about the guild?: Lenn was recruiting in general chat.

Raiding and Experience:

15. We raid on SUNDAY and TUESDAY from 7:00-11:00 US Central Time; Can you make these times?: Yes

16. What is the current level of raid experience you have on your main character?: I was top hunter in DPS for a long time in a guild that nearly killed Twin Emps before wasting some time killing just Razuvious in Naxx.

17. Do you have any issues with your internet or computer related problems?: All my stuff is new gaming gear with mostly reliable Comcast internet.

18. We use Discord to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Discord?: Yes

Additional Information: I use a Razer Tartarus gaming keypad and hotkey everything important. I use my thumb to strafe, freeing up my entire left hand for hotkeying.

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Re: Wumpin - Hunter

Post by Twentysix » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:27 pm

Wumpin, you must acquire full dungeon bis before your core application can start.

Once you have that we will begin your application period. Until then you can continue to raid as a casual when the spot is open.

We are very happy to have you :)


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