Cripsus - Dwarf Priest

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Cripsus - Dwarf Priest

Post by Cripsus » Tue May 30, 2017 2:51 am

Your Character:

1. Character name: Cripsus

2. Race and class: Dwarf Priest

3. Main Spec: Shadow currently. Switching spec and gear for raiding to healing

4. Number of days played on your current main: 8 Days

5. Please write a short statement indicating how you play your class include relevant rotations and priorities, and explaining talent choices. This is not to teach us to play your class but to show us you know how to play: I am confident in my abilities and my class knowledge, however I am always willing to learn more.

Personal Information: [Optional]

6. Age: 24

7. Location: WA

8. Tell us a little about yourself:

Guild History:

9. Previous Guild(s): [Only list those you think are relevant]

10. Reason for leaving your previous Guild:

You and <SECURITY>

11. Do you know anyone in SECURITY?: Diren, Wrythmic, Warcore, Velaida

12. Why do you want to join the SECURITY Core Raid Team?: To play with my IRL buddies, I have always enjoyed raiding, the guild seems to be very competent and I feel like I would fit well.

13. Have you read, and do you agree agree with Core Applicant Rules: Of Course

14. How did you hear about the guild?: IRL buddies listed above

Raiding and Experience:

15. We raid on SUNDAY and TUESDAY from 7:00-11:00 US Central Time; Can you make these times?: Yes, Tuesdays I may be 10 mins late as work ends 15 mins before raid time.

16. What is the current level of raid experience you have on your main character?: My main character has completed UBRS... But, I have more than a decade of raiding experience on the live servers and have hit 2.2k+ in Arenas as a healer.

17. Do you have any issues with your internet or computer related problems?: None

18. We use Discord to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Discord?: Yes

Additional Information: (Optional) I would ultimately want to play Shadow when it becomes relevant, but I am more than ok with healing for the time being.

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Re: Cripsus - Dwarf Priest

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Welcome aboard.


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