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Cynicalshots / Ncourage - Hunter/Warrior

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:36 pm
by Ncourage
Your Character:

1. Character name: Cynicalshots & Ncourage

2. Race and class: Dwarf hunter & Human Warrior

3. Main Spec: Marksman & Fury

4. Number of days played on your current main: These characters are both new as I am a recent transfer from Vanilla Gaming servers (ew gross ya).

5. Please write a short statement indicating how you play your class include relevant rotations and priorities, and explaining talent choices. This is not to teach us to play your class but to show us you know how to play:

I have played both hunter and warrior for the duration of playing WoW (13 years). As well as other classes. I know both of these roles are pivotal to the success of a raid and clearing content. Hunters are most either kiters or tranq spammers... Dealing mediocre damage depending on the fights. Fury warriors are some of the best dps in the game. Rotating between bloodthirst, heroic strike, whirlwind, and execute when available. Also requires keen timing in the event that a tank dies they can macro throw on a shield, defense stance, and taunt to potentially save a wipe from occurring. Warriors always have a huge role since they're the only tank, require tons of resist gear, and must thoroughly understand boss mechanics, swing timers, and how to mitigate incoming damage effectively.

Both Hunters and Warriors have a pretty straight forward cookie cutter spec for dps. smaller personal changes can be made but for the most part all trees are the same.

Personal Information: [Optional]

6. Age: 27

7. Location: Los Angeles, California

8. Tell us a little about yourself: I've been playing WoW for 13 years. Enjoy all kinds of gaming like FPS, RPG, and RTS games. Like being part of a team and making new friends while we conquer different instances or just kick back and farm/bullshit.

Guild History: No guild history on Elysium thus far. Recent transfer.

9. Previous Guild(s): [Only list those you think are relevant]
I've played in many hardcore progression guilds during my time in WoW. Most of them on retail which my best accomplishment was with <Did it for Whitney>. We achieved US #76 and World #315 for the Tier 18 content. At the same time I was in a weekend raiding guild that accomplished US #7 for 2 day raiding guilds.

Vanilla Gaming: I was in <De Profundis> for the last 2 years which is the #1 guild on the server and have accomplished 15/15 Naxxramas...

10. Reason for leaving your previous Guild: Retail... I quit because the guild was falling apart before the last Xpac.

Vanilla gaming: I left my buddies there because I can no longer make their EU raid times due to my career / RL conflicting with those early morning times.

You and <SECURITY>

11. Do you know anyone in SECURITY?:
No I do not unfortunately. Looking forward to potentially meeting some though.

12. Why do you want to join the SECURITY Core Raid Team?:
Seems like a good group to be around. I've seen some forum posts and scanned thru your guild forums. Would like to accompany you guys in your conquest to possibly reaching #1 on the server.

13. Have you read, and do you agree agree with Core Applicant Rules:
Yes, I have read the rules, and I completely agree.

14. How did you hear about the guild?:
Researching on Elysium guilds... Came across yours and decided to look into it further.

Raiding and Experience:
10/10 MC, 1/1 Onyxia, 8/8 BWL, 9/9 AQ40 (If you count twins and bug trio as 1 boss), 15/15 Naxxramas (13/15 of that was retail experience, 15/15 was on VG).

I've played every single role in all of these instances. Varying from main tank to boomkin dps... Understand all boss mechanics... techniques for mitigating damage... and effective kiting/stance dance skills.

15. We raid on SUNDAY and TUESDAY from 7:00-11:00 US Central Time; Can you make these times?:
Yes those would be perfect for me.

16. What is the current level of raid experience you have on your main character?:
Zero. Still in the process of leveling both characters depending on raid needs...

17. Do you have any issues with your internet or computer related problems?:
None at all. Top of the line gaming pc. multiple monitors. and the best internet I can buy for my location.

Extenuating circumstances may apply... but generally NEVER had issues with either. Also own a gaming laptop as a backup in the event the PC becomes defective.

18. We use Discord to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Discord?:
Yes I am able to communicate and listen effectively.

Additional Information: (Optional)
I know it's a crap shoot taking me on but trust me, it won't go unappreciated, and you won't be disappointed. I am an experienced player, I enjoy the game, and I don't need to be a cry baby loot-whore to do so. This game continues to be fun for me and my vast level of experience is only there to help others. I don't have some over inflated ego. I don't believe negativity is the key to success. I just simply try to help others, give suggestions where possible, and enjoy the struggles of cooperating with 39 other people.

Hope you consider!

Thanks for your time.

Re: Cynicalshots / Ncourage - Hunter/Warrior

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:57 am
by Twentysix
I've forwarded your application to the other officers. I'll let you know in the next 2 days. It's very possible we have a slot for your characters.

Re: Cynicalshots / Ncourage - Hunter/Warrior

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:57 am
by Twentysix
Are you bwl attuned/mc/ony attuned? Do you have pre dungeon bis?

Which of your two characters are you more interested in playing?

Re: Cynicalshots / Ncourage - Hunter/Warrior

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:35 pm
by Ncourage
Hello Twentysix,

My application states that these characters are brand new and I am currently in the process of leveling them.

The reason I'm applying now is because leveling won't take long and obtaining some pre-raid BiS gear will follow shortly after.

I've played Vanilla long enough to be rather efficient at doing that... whether it's farming out matts to get craftables or repeatedly running instances to get some items.

Hope that helps clarify your questions!

Thanks for forwarding it. Definitely appreciated.

Re: Cynicalshots / Ncourage - Hunter/Warrior

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:25 pm
by Twentysix
Ah right on. Whisper slitnuts, Exzi, Muldred, or Lenn for a ginvite as a casual.

Once you are at max level and have geared out we can look at the raid needs.

Re: Cynicalshots / Ncourage - Hunter/Warrior

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:18 am
by Ncourage
I've temporarily placed myself in a leveling guild for now,

as there are others in the process of obtaining 60 as well... making it easier to quest/group up with similar levels.

Will re-apply once again when I reach 60 and have some more gear.