Rhyne - Mage

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Rhyne - Mage

Post by Rhyne » Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:06 pm

Your Character:

1. Character name: Rhyne

2. Race and class: Human Mage

3. Main Spec: AP Frost 31/0/20

4. Number of days played on your current main: 32 Days

5. Please write a short statement indicating how you play your class include relevant rotations and priorities, and explaining talent choices. This is not to teach us to play your class but to show us you know how to play:
Frost is simple, spam FB and use CoC and Fire Blast as needed to boost dps when there isn't sufficient time to cast another FB.
Pair PoM w/ AP FB spams.
AE and CoC on AoE packs. Some times w/ a flame strike opener, depending on targets and aggro situation. Blizzard for range AOE.
Wards and shields for survival if needed.
AP Frost is more DPS than WC's, I have swapped back and forth but settled on AP for now for moar DEEPS! Can spec as needed.

Personal Information:

6. Age: 28

7. Location: NJ, USA

8. Tell us a little about yourself: Just a guy who enjoyed vanilla WoW back in the original days while I was in High School. I work full time and I'm starting real estate investing on the side. Wont be on that much but will be on for raids.

Guild History:

9. Previous Guild(s): Ludicrous Speed, Compound

10. Reason for leaving your previous Guild: LS did not have enough members to raid, many players burned out and stopped playing without warning. Most players left and joined Compound. I tried Compound but the late raid times don't work.

You and <SECURITY>

11. Do you know anyone in SECURITY?: Ercot and Scalbeb, old LS guildies.

12. Why do you want to join the SECURITY Core Raid Team?: I consider myself a skilled player and want to play with people that have the same mentality. I also want to enjoy the time I spend raiding with others, I enjoy the social aspect of 40 strangers killing pixels ;)

13. Have you read, and do you agree agree with Core Applicant Rules: Yes

14. How did you hear about the guild?: Seen it advertised on chat, spoke to Ercot about it.

Raiding and Experience:

15. We raid on SUNDAY and TUESDAY from 7:00-11:00 US Central Time; Can you make these times?: Yes, for the most part it's not a problem but I do work 12H rotating shifts. Although rare there might be times I might get stuck at work and be late. If Game of Thrones is on and my wife is home, I'll be on my couch watching it with her, sorry lol. (Season Finale next Sunday)

16. What is the current level of raid experience you have on your main character?: MC with LS speed, killed up to Chromagg the few nights I raided with Compound. I have done up to 4 Horsemen on original retail, never did C'thun tho.

17. Do you have any issues with your internet or computer related problems?: No, I live in the suburbs so no issues with net. I just put together an i7-7700K build w/ SLI that should last me some time.

18. We use Discord to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Discord?: Yes

Additional Information: Any questions you can reach me in game, or Ercot is able to PM me through Discord.

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Re: Rhyne - Mage

Post by Twentysix » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:47 am

Sounds good, talk with Lenn, Slitnuts, Cilver, Redd, Muldred or Exzi for an invite.


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