SECURITY slays Azuregos again by partnering with Sanctum and Praise/Demise

Azuregos spawned at 2:36am and by 4:51am it was down. Praise/Demise had one pull of Azuregos and SECURITY and Sanctum had one pull of Azuregos.  In the middle of SECURITY and Sanctum’s pull several full horde raids showed up. After a little while it was confirmed to have been more than 200 horde (more than 5 full raids). In an effort to keep the loot on the alliance side the two partnerships combined forces to have more than 80 people working together. (CONT.)

Jindo led us in PvP movements as we racked up more than 400hks from the pvp combat. It was an absolute massacre of the horde. Eventually we had wiped enough of the horde raids to get our own pull. Azuregos dropped two Puissant Capes. This time Praise and Sanctum got the cloaks. There are 4 of those cloaks on the server and SECURITY has one of them.